Encouragement of reading

What I am reading at the moment

Titles read in the last three months include:


Chris Cleave

A wedding in December

Anita Shreve

Swallowing Grandma

Kate Long


Eleanor Updale

Double fault

Lionel Shriver

What good are the arts?

John Carey

Practically perfect

Katie Fforde

Candy Floss

Jacqueline Wilson

The power of the book

Alison has had a lifelong devotion to the power of the book and has set up many reading groups, including one for children.

With a grant from Southern Arts in 1987 she set up a reading promotion scheme through the libraries of Hampshire, Dorset and Berkshire – Well Worth Reading – which is still running. She was one of the founders of the Kingston Readers’ Festival, now in its sixth year, and continues to organise events for this, mainly on how to get published and maintain motivation and creativity when writing. She is a regular contributor at the Edinburgh Book Festival and has given many talks to schools on the importance of reading, and how to write.

Kingston Book Group

Alison also belongs to a reading circle and is one of the founders of the Kingston Readers' Festival.