Whatever! A down to earth guide to parenting teenagers

With Gill Hines

Whatever! book cover

ISBN: 0 7499 25949

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"For sensible and clearly set-out advice, there simply is not a better book aimed at parents of teenagers. But what I liked most about it was that it doesn't just TELL you what to do – it encourages you to think through why a particular situation has arisen, and to choose good solutions which will work for you and your teenager. Alison Baverstock and Gill Hines do a great job of helping parents decipher what a teenager may be thinking when behaving in a particular way. It is utterly reassuring – anything your teenager is doing is not your fault, but there are things you CAN do to help. Confident and happy teenagers are the very likely result of this book."
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“All power to these two authors, for parents need all the help they can get. There’s real understanding of young people and practical advice… This book offers the comfort of self-recognition, and the assurance that others must be having the same experiences. A good book for parents, and perhaps for form tutors, especially those with no children of their own.”
Times Educational Supplement

“The authors cover topics with sense and practical suggestions, aiming to take the heat out of the inevitable confrontations rather than advocating a didactic (and impossible to follow) approach…this just could be the guide that restores your sanity.”
Daily Mail

“I did want to congratulate you on having the vision for this book and writing it. It fills a much needed gap and I’m sure that it will fast become a bestseller.”
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