Joseph Cornell, Secrets in a Box

Joseph Cornell, Secrets in a box book cover

ISBN: 3 7913 2928 6



A fascinating look at the artist’s work. Find out how he transformed everyday objects into works of art and make your own Cornell box. This book is an irresistible experience for the Joseph Cornell in all of us.


"Joseph Cornell was a pioneer and celebrated exponent of 'assemblage' who experimented with various styles but was particularly known for his collages and distinctive boxes. Combining constructivism and surrealism, Cornell managed to bring to life a multitude of objects. This book aims to introduce children to Cornell's art - and particularly his boxes - explaining how the artist went about producing such work and where he sought inspiration. Cornell's biographical details are supplemented with practical ideas on how to make a 'Cornell Box' in six easy stages.

This book provides teachers with the perfect opportunity to encourage children to express their artistic skills by using a very imaginative, tactile and accessible form of art."
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