Is There a Book In You?

Vital information for anyone thinking about writing a book


ISBN 0-7136-7932-8

A&C Black


Many people feel they might have a book in them - but how do you know whether you have what it takes to be a writer, whether your writing is any good, what you should write about  and whether you should dedicate proper time to begin your dream? 

This book asks pertinent questions via a questionaire to help you discover whether there is a talented writer in you.  Each chapter provides background to the relevant point in the questionaire.  It is packed with advice from experienced writers including PD James, Philip Pulman, Jacqueline Wilson, Margaret Drable, Katie Fforde,and more.  Expert advice from David Roche (BA President), independent booksellers, publishers Helen Fraser (Penguin) and Ion Trewin (Chairman Cheltenham Literary Festival  and administrator, Man Booker Prize), agents and reative writing tutors.  There is a foreword by columnist and writer, Katharine Whitehorn

if you're thinking of becoming a writer (or live with someone who longs to be published) this book is a useful investment before you give up that day job!


"I'm completely hooked.  It is, in fact, very inspiring.  I think the front cover is great: striking, visually and appealingly economic.  I hope the book is as successful as it thoroughly deserves to be.  I will be buying more copies for acquaintances who keep asking me if they should write a book. it will save a lot of time."  Nicholas Allen  bestselling children's author of the Queen;s Knickers.

"I am very impressed.  Its not so much an instruction manual as a huge consultation panel drawn from a whole range of different experts and I can't imagine any writer, aspirant or established, not finding it absorbing and enlightening.  The Questionaire gives it real punch, and I thought the section on "is there not a book in you?" particularly heartening and intelligent."  Professor John Carey